A cow is looking at the camera while standing next to other cows.

Your Donations at Work

Your donations are very important to the animals on the ranch. They provide for the food and shelter that each animal needs, along with any veterinary assistance. Each animal requires its own level of care and with your donations we are able to provide a safe and caring environment.

Please help in assisting us in giving these special animals a wonderful life.

A Brighter tomorrow

We work hard every day building and maintaining each animal sanctuary to ensure their safety and well being. We have many varieties of local wildlife that call our ranch home. Each animal and crop of food work in conjunction with each other. We are learning and achieving many levels of success in the preservation of these animals. We love each one of them and enjoy sharing their stories with you. We are extremely blessed to own this land and are dedicated to having a sustainable tomorrow.

A rainbow is seen in the sky over a field.